Norseman Gibb offers a wide range of stainless-steel products of the highest quality.

Our catalog ranges from stainless-steel cables, to bars and rods, together with a range of terminations, tensioners and fittings for industrial, architectural and yachting purposes. Our products have been divided into different categories which you will find below.


Stainless-steel wire rope is one of the most versatile products and can be used for a variety of purposes. We supply a wide range of stainless-steel wire ropes, covering your requirements. We offer the best quality from world’s leading manufacturers.


Norseman Gibb structural products are of the highest quality and are ideal for heavy duty constructions due to their strength. Our structural products also have a high corrosion-resistance and can therefore be used for both interior as well as exterior use.


Modern homes often make use of stainless-steel in their interior. It makes for a clean and smooth appearance. Whether it is in your home, your office or somewhere else, stainless-steel fits almost every interior. Especially for this purpose, Norseman Gibb offers architectural products, that are perfect for interior use.


Norseman Gibb strives to be the best on the market. Especially in the field of rigging. This is essential for the safety and performance of a yacht. All of our components are of the best possible quality and are made to meet the specifications of both conventional wire rope and compacted strand.


Norseman Gibb supplies ropes for industrial, yachting and architectural uses. Our ropes are specifically made to meet the highest of standards. The ropes we offer serve a variety of purposes, such as mooring ropes, racing and sailing ropes, as well as ropes for general use.